What is Stress Related Pain?

Niggling headaches or neck stiffness are a common, but generally low priority complaint about many of us. Have you ever wondered what could be the cause and if anything can help?

Annually, 5 million people report suffering from work-related stress, which has physical as well as psychological effects. Combine this with poor work posture and practices and its no wonder many of us suffer pain.

Adrenaline is the key to understanding why stress causes pain. Adrenaline releases in response to a physical threat just like hunter-gatherers. It is tightening muscles in preparation for action and hunching the shoulders to make the body appear smaller. This is known as the fight or flight response. Today, the trigger is not the only +- danger, stress is a major contributor. Deadlines, sales targets, budget cutbacks and the economic crisis conspire to keep adrenaline coursing through our bloodstream. Unfortunately, unlike a physical threat that you can run away from, stress is an ongoing silent threat, maintaining a continuous state of fight or flight. And also, add to this poor ergonomics, plus increased use of laptops and tablets, and you have the perfect recipe for pain.

Most commonly associated conditions with stress are headaches, neck, shoulder and arm pain. But also conditions such as low back and sciatic pain. Most of us put up with niggling pain, however, research shows that this leads to decreased energy and productivity, which in turn leads to more stress. Do not put up with it any longer. At the clinic a unique combination of osteopathy, cranial, advice on posture, office ergonomics, nutrition, stretching, exercise and sleep not only relieves the symptoms, it aims to eradicate the stress-related pain.