Neck pain can present as a localised pain with a distinctive point of severe generalised pain with massively reduced mobility. It can also be the cause of pain into the front of the chest and arm, numbness in the fingers and tingling or weakness in the hand.

Neck pain is very common and often ignored the pain. It affects all aspects of our life from the quality of our sleep to work productivity, energy levels, concentration and mood. Moreover, Ignoring it can lead to much more severe symptoms, including severe headaches and in extreme situations. And also, damage to the disc at the bottom of the neck.

There are many reasons for this. Poor ergonomics in the workplace, at home and poor posture, are contributing factors. And also sleep position, stress and arthritis in the joints of the cervical vertebrae.

Catching the symptoms early and treating the niggles you keep ignoring will give you back the quality of life and prevents any potential serious consequences in the future.

At the Balanced Body Clinic, We will discuss with the patient in detail about all treatment modalities. When a patient will us for the first time we will take a full case history. This includes current symptoms as well as past and present medical history.