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Detecting, treating and preventing health problems, an osteopath can work wonders on undiagnosed pains or spasms by moving, stretching and massaging your muscles and joints.

Do you need an experienced osteopath in Twickenham to find the source of your pain?

At Balanced Body Clinic Ltd, we offer safe and effective treatments for patients of all ages, including cranial osteopathy, dry needling and Kinesio treatments.

With a passion for the latest techniques, our osteopath always bases treatment on the newest and most accurate research. Whether you’re suffering from spasms or pain, or an on-going injury, she has over 21 years of experience in this field and can offer the best treatment possible.

Based in Twickenham, our therapy centre has a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere, making it the ideal place for this kind of treatment. Offering a truly holistic approach to health, Balanced Body Clinic will take a full case history that covers your work environment, sleeping habits and much more.

Our prices are highly competitive with a 1-hour consultation and treatment for £60, with no additional charges for Acupuncture or Kinesio Tape.

Find out more about our osteopath in Twickenham.