Need Treatment for a Sports Injury in Twickenham?

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Have you suffered a sports injury and want to speed up the recovery time?

If you’re looking to have treatment in Twickenham, simply contact Balanced Body Clinic Ltd today.

Sports injuries can be hugely debilitating, painful and put you out of action for weeks at a time. Although some injuries are beyond our control, a gentle warm-up can prevent some common problems. This is because it increases the blood flow to the muscles and can make you more flexible.

Sometimes injuries occur because of poor training practices, but often it is through no fault of our own. Osteopathy is one of the best ways to address sports-related pains, combining scientific knowledge with a detailed examination using the hands.

Balanced Body Clinic can help you get back in previous form as soon as possible.

We offer many highly effective sports injury treatments for patients in Twickenham, including professional massages. Our treatments are ideal for a wide range of injuries, from simple muscle strains to muscle or tendon tears.

Our osteopath will also help prevent scar tissue build-up and address the whole body along with the site of your pain. If you need treatment for a sports injury in Twickenham, simply contact us today for more information.