Do you need Therapy for a Slipped Disc in Twickenham?

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Has your doctor diagnosed you with a slipped disc and you need treatment in Twickenham?

A slipped disc can be extremely painful because it compresses your spinal nerves. Symptoms of this condition can include lower back pain, neck pain, problems bending your back, muscle weakness, and pain in the buttocks, hips or legs.

This condition can be caused by ageing, exercising too hard, or lifting heavy objects in the incorrect way. However, it could something as simple as bending down to pick up a pair of socks. It can also be attributed to vibrators from operating machinery, or being inactive or overweight.

If you’re finding that painkillers aren’t effective, we can offer highly effective therapy in Twickenham.

We frequently have clients who have been suffering from back pain, including those who have spasms in their lower back. Our treatment will address your immediate symptoms and you will receive advice about how to prevent an injury recurring.

If you’re suffering from a slipped disc, why not discover more about our therapy in Twickenham?

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