Headaches can be generalised in nature or focal. Tightness around the temporal region, typical of tension headaches, or at the base of the skull radiating over the top of the head or into one eye are common symptoms. Migraines are very severe, occasionally disabling, headaches and can be accompanied by visual disturbances, light sensitivity and nausea .

Frequent headaches cause lack of concentration and productivity, leading to irritability and stress, which in turn causes even more headaches. Tension or recurrent headaches are mainly due to excessive tightening of the muscles in the neck, shoulders and jaw. Tightness of the shoulder muscles cause a reciprocal tightening of the neck muscles which causes nerve irritation and pain to referral into the head. Another consequence of tight muscles is a reduction in blood flow to the brain, which can lead to lack of concentration. Migraines are a separate condition and can be caused by many outside influences including food, hormones and certain smells as well as excessive tightness of the neck and shoulder muscles.

When a patient presents with headaches, a clear case history is taken to ascertain whether the individual is suffering from headaches or migraines. Work, sleep, hobbies, social activities as well as diet and lifestyle are comprehensively covered. A tailor made treatment plan is then designed which encompasses all influencing factors.